Selling Your Lake Home

While many aspects of selling a lake home are similar to selling any house, there are some preparation considerations that are unique to lake homes. 


  • Clear a Path - Buyers interested in lake front homes will want to go down to the water, sometimes first thing! Make sure to create a welcoming, well lit, and well-defined path leading down to the water and/or dock.
  • Check your Dock - If your lake access includes a dock, potential buyers are going to want to check it out. Make sure your dock is sturdy and safe. Replace and repair any loose boards and rope off any floating docks-many people aren’t used to walking on them!
  • Up your Shoreline’s Curb Appeal - Buyers are going to want to see beautiful and clean lake views. Make sure to clean any debris, leaves, or dead fish from your shoreline access and rake out any weeds you can reach. Also, thoroughly wash the inside and outside of lake view windows to ensure a crystal clear view of the best selling point - the lake!
  • Stage a Lakeside Lifestyle - One of the reasons most buyers look for lake homes is that they want the lifestyle that comes with it. Set the stage nicely for any potential buyers by having items such as canoes or kayaks, fishing equipment, patio furniture and fire pits out in the open and staged appropriately.


Have questions about selling your lakefront home? Wondering how much your home may be worth? Ready to list? Whatever stage you are in, we're happy to provide information and assistance any and every step of the way.