What To Consider When Buying a Lake Home

Whether you are building fun family memories, or taking some time away from the stress of everyday life, owning a lakefront home can be a priceless benefit to you and your family. Lake homes bring families together for summer boating, fishing fun, autumn foliage viewing, and winter ice fishing. A lake home also provides a peaceful refuge from the fast-paced world.

When our clients are searching for lake homes, they typically take some of these things into consideration:

  • How’s the view?

    Lake homes are all about the view! You’ll want to see how the lake looks for yourself, from different areas of the house. Large, plentiful windows are a definite bonus when it comes to watching the sunrise or sunset from inside the house.
  • What type of watercraft are allowed?

    Many lakes in the Irish Hills are all-sports lakes, meaning you can have any type of boat you prefer. Other lakes are non-motor lakes, which do not allow any watercraft powered by a gasoline engine. Some of the non-motor lakes do allow electric motors. If you prefer a more peaceful, quiet setting, look for a non-motor lake. If you want the fun and adventure of skiing, tubing and leaving a large wake in your path, look for a home on an all-sports lake.
  • What’s the elevation like?

    Some homes are built at the same level as the water, and do not require any steps to get to the beach or dock. Others homes may have a few steps, or many steps that take you to the beach. We have seen some spectacular views of the lake from homes at higher elevations, but the ages and abilities of you and your family may be a factor in choosing this type of lake home.
  • Which direction does it face?

    If you have a particular love for sunsets, you may prefer a home that faces west. Or, maybe you are an early riser, and you want to watch the sun rise over the water. This may be a factor to consider when you are searching for the perfect lake home.


The Irish Hills area is home to over 50 lakes that have a variety of lakes with a wide variety of features. We can help you narrow down the options and find the perfect lake for you and your family.


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